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The Bartered Bride
In this story of thwarted love and arranged marriage, the spirited heroine, Marenka, has to use every last ounce of determination, charm and cunning in order to marry the man she loves. This is a joyous celebration of Czech culture and identity, reimagined into the heart of the English countryside, above all represented by dance rhythms and deliriously infectious tunes. Dance is at the heart and soul of this piece, from the gloriously vibrant overture to a riotous and festive polka. There’s a circus, an escaped bear, heart-stopping love duets and a rousing drinking song. It’s an irresistible combination.
Wed 29/5/19 6:05PM The Bartered Bride
Fri 31/5/19 6:05PM The Bartered Bride
Thu 6/6/19 6:05PM The Bartered Bride
Sat 8/6/19 6:05PM The Bartered Bride
Tue 11/6/19 6:05PM The Bartered Bride
Sat 15/6/19 6:05PM The Bartered Bride
Thu 20/6/19 6:05PM The Bartered Bride
Sun 23/6/19 6:05PM The Bartered Bride
Sun 30/6/19 6:05PM The Bartered Bride

Don Giovanni
Driven by seemingly insatiable desire, Don Giovanni’s darkly powerful sensuality is at the centre of this tragicomic opera. His list of sexual conquests in Spain alone notoriously adds up to 1,003, and these pursuits lead him to the very edge. This renowned telling of the Don Juan tale encompasses the women he pursues and the ones who pursue him in return, treading with poise the razor- thin line between fascination and revulsion towards the rapacious anti-hero.

Thu 30/5/19 5:45PM Don Giovanni
Sat 1/6/19 5:45PM Don Giovanni
Fri 7/6/19 5:45PM Don Giovanni
Thu 13/6/19 5:45PM Don Giovanni
Mon 24/6/19 5:45PM Don Giovanni
Sat 29/6/19 5:45PM Don Giovanni
Wed 3/7/19 5:45PM Don Giovanni
Sat 6/7/19 5:45PM Don Giovanni
Fri 12/7/19 5:45PM Don Giovanni
Sun 14/7/19 5:45PM Don Giovanni
Thu 18/7/19 5:45PM Don Giovanni
Sun 21/7/19 5:45PM Don Giovanni

Fantasio is a melancholy, moon-struck dreamer who yearns after an unreachable princess. Can he win her over with his disguise as her beloved jester and fulfil his promise to prevent her arranged marriage to the prince? Secret encounters and mistaken identities are eventually, and sometimes unexpectedly, resolved.

Offenbach was known for his witty and catchy melodies, poking fun at the establishment in tuneful scores of dazzling charm. Celebrating the composer’s bicentenary in 2019, we present the UK stage premiere of this enchanting and gently poignant opera in a specially commissioned new English translation byJeremy Sams.
Fri 14/6/19 6:05PM Fantasio
Sun 16/6/19 6:05PM Fantasio
Sat 22/6/19 6:05PM Fantasio
Thu 27/6/19 6:05PM Fantasio
Fri 5/7/19 6:05PM Fantasio
Mon 8/7/19 6:05PM Fantasio
Thu 11/7/19 6:05PM Fantasio
Wed 17/7/19 6:05PM Fantasio
Sat 20/7/19 6:05PM Fantasio

The Turn of the Screw
A young governess is sent to a remote country house to care for two children. She becomes increasingly disturbed by their behaviour but is under strict instruction never to bother their guardian in London. Are they innocent or wicked, possessed or just high-spirited?

A setting of Henry James’s novella with a libretto by Myfanwy Piper, this is regarded by many as the finest of Britten’s stage works. Described as one of the most dramatically engaging English operas, it has a gripping score full of musical character, suspense and intensity.
Mon 1/7/19 6:35PM The Turn of the Screw
Thu 4/7/19 6:35PM The Turn of the Screw
Sun 7/7/19 6:35PM The Turn of the Screw
Sat 13/7/19 6:35PM The Turn of the Screw
Mon 15/7/19 6:35PM The Turn of the Screw
Fri 19/7/19 6:35PM The Turn of the Screw

Vespers of 1610
Renowned Baroque and Classical chamber orchestra, The English Concert, makes its Garsington debut for three concert performances of Monteverdi’s Vespers of 1610. This atmospheric choral masterpiece was the composer’s first sacred work and one of the most ambitious and extensive to be composed before Bach. Written three years before becoming maestro di cappella at St Mark’s in Venice, its brilliant display of style, rich choruses and moving arias showcase Monteverdi’s genius as the ‘Father of opera’. Laurence Cummings (L’Olimpiade, 2012) returns to conduct with a stunning cast of principal singers and the Garsington Opera Chorus.
Wed 24/7/19 6:40PM Vespers of 1610
Thu 25/7/19 6:40PM Vespers of 1610
Fri 26/7/19 6:40PM Vespers of 1610