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Die Zauberflöte
Mozart’s much-loved final opera, The Magic Flute, celebrates the triumph of love and reason over chaos and evil. Prince Tamino and the bird-catcher Papageno set out on a perilous quest to rescue Pamina from the evil Sarastro. But is everything as it seems? As they enter Sarastro's world they must overcome a series of trials to be reunited with their true loves.

Thu 31/5/18 6:00PM Die Zauberflöte
Sat 2/6/18 6:00PM Die Zauberflöte
Fri 8/6/18 6:00PM Die Zauberflöte
Thu 14/6/18 6:00PM Die Zauberflöte
Sun 17/6/18 6:00PM Die Zauberflöte
Fri 22/6/18 6:00PM Die Zauberflöte
Sat 30/6/18 6:00PM Die Zauberflöte
Wed 11/7/18 6:00PM Die Zauberflöte
Tue 17/7/18 6:00PM Die Zauberflöte
Thu 19/7/18 6:00PM Die Zauberflöte
Sat 21/7/18 6:00PM Die Zauberflöte

A poet, Olivier, and his rival, the composer Flamand, vie for the primacy of their art and for the love of the Countess, whose charm and artistic refinement they find irresistible. A gathering for the Countess’s birthday sets the scene for an evening of passionate discussions between the guests. What is more important: words or music?

Fri 1/6/18 6:15PM Capriccio
Sun 3/6/18 6:15PM Capriccio
Thu 7/6/18 6:15PM Capriccio
Sat 9/6/18 6:15PM Capriccio
Fri 15/6/18 6:15PM Capriccio
Wed 20/6/18 6:15PM Capriccio
Sat 23/6/18 6:15PM Capriccio
Thu 28/6/18 6:15PM Capriccio

The lecherous Falstaff, with his infamous roving eye, has finally met his match. His underhand plans to solve money troubles have the three merry wives of Windsor conspiring to teach him a lesson. They are not the only ones with a grudge to bear and he is soon tormented at every turn until he accepts defeat and concludes that all the world is a joke.

Sat 16/6/18 6:30PM Falstaff
Mon 18/6/18 6:30PM Falstaff
Thu 21/6/18 6:30PM Falstaff
Fri 29/6/18 6:30PM Falstaff
Wed 4/7/18 6:30PM Falstaff
Sat 7/7/18 6:30PM Falstaff
Fri 13/7/18 6:30PM Falstaff
Sun 15/7/18 6:30PM Falstaff
Fri 20/7/18 6:30PM Falstaff
Sun 22/7/18 6:30PM Falstaff

The Skating Rink
Nuria, a beautiful young skating champion, has a powerful admirer, Enric, whose obsession drives him to pilfer funds to build her an ice rink in a deserted Spanish mansion. Discovered by an unlikely group of characters, a murder on the ice becomes the centre of this thrilling tale of jealousy, political corruption and the lengths we go to for the ones we love.

Thu 5/7/18 6:50PM The Skating Rink
Sun 8/7/18 6:50PM The Skating Rink
Tue 10/7/18 6:50PM The Skating Rink
Sat 14/7/18 6:50PM The Skating Rink
Mon 16/7/18 6:50PM The Skating Rink